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Happy Birthday!
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[GG] herpes199 MEMBERHappyhappy birthdayyyy, old piece of ginger
[GG] Euphoria OWNERADMIN  added 30 Advanced days to [GLOBALGAMING]
[GG] Euphoria OWNERADMINIf anyone is still around - Apologies for being AWOL, family bullshit going on! Been back in the UK for the past few weeks trying to deal with it. #YouCantChooseYourFamily
[GG] EatSleepSurviveRepeat MEMBERtag  where in the uk are you at?
[GG] herpes199 MEMBER  We want address.. no reason :p Just kidney again. like allways libresse. How are you master of puppets? Any new plans to get this sleeping community to wake again?
[GG] Euphoria OWNERADMIN  Sorry, just over in Essex, staying at my "Good" sister's place whilst we attempt to sort shit out our other "Cunt" sister is putting the family through!
As soon as I know I actually have everything sorted and nothing more is going to get in the way, yes, definitely yes, I want to actually play a feckin game for the first time since Christmas and get things tidied up, sorted and back on track.
[GG] herpes199 MEMBER[link] How to turn dayz standalone to BF2z, or something.
[GG] McSpud MEMBER  looks interesting :)
[GG] herpes199 MEMBER  There is playground just for you, indians vs. cowboys.. indians=leather :p
[GG] eff MEMBER  Its great!
[GG] Andy Shacks ADMIN  created a new thread About time for an A.W.O.L post! in the A.W.O.L forum
[GG] Euphoria OWNERADMINOH SHEET! AMD Ryzen SKUs and Prices Confirmed

8 Core 16 Thread, Unlocked Multiplier, 4.0GHz out the box, clock for clock cycles equal to Skylake.... FOR ONLY $500!! :shock: That's 60% cheaper than the equivalent Intel 6900k.
The lower-end 8 core R7-1700 is the same price ($320) as a 4 core i7 with equal clock for clock performance. Literally double the performance (i.e. 8 vs 16 threads) for the same price. That's ridiculous!

If the overclocking is half decent, oh man, if they can hit 4.5-4.7GHz, I will Finally be interested in upgrading.

AMD Ryzen Lineup & Prices Confirmed, 8 Cores For As Low As $...
AMD's entire Ryzen CPU lineup has been verified and pricing for its 8 core SKUs confirmed through various online retailers. Last week we took a look at 17 different Ryzen CPUs that...
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[GG] herpes199 MEMBER  AMD handy heater, tsihihihi.. There should be 2 sysdems, 1 with amd and radeon for winter and intel and nvidia for summer :p
[GG] Euphoria OWNERADMIN  Yeah true in days past, but look at the TSPs... those are some efficient chips.
[GG] herpes199 MEMBER[link]
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[GG] Euphoria OWNERADMINHeads up peps, email from TS provider:
On Wednesday Feb 1st @ 7:00 AM – 1:00 PM EST we will be updating the IP addresses of all servers to a new data center. Your server may experience some interruptions as the IP addresses change over.
[GG] eff MEMBERAnyone playing The Forest?
[GG] Euphoria OWNERADMIN  Haven't tried it dude.
[GG] herpes199 MEMBER  I do.
[GG] herpes199 MEMBERSome daysz are just great.
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