Please Read This Post Carefully And Completely Before Submitting An Application!

Hello, we would like to thank you for your interest in joining GlobalGaming. Please be sure to read 'Everything' below, as it contains essential information needed to join us.

Additional Info (October 2016): We as a community are no longer running DayZ servers, nor are any members playing DayZ at this current time. We all love the game, but the lack of bug fixing and extremely high server costs have forced us to take an extended break from DayZ until most likely spring 2017 at the earliest.

GlobalGaming Mission Statement:

We're a friendly bunch of adults, that enjoy nothing more than PC gaming, friendly banter and socialising with each other online. If you join us and become a full member, you are treated as family, we always look out for each other in every way we can.

The application and recruitment process is done this way to ensure a smooth introduction into the group, so you feel welcome, and so we know you will fit in.

Requirements for joining us:

  • Do Not Cheat! Cheaters take the fun out of gaming
  • Must be 18 years old or older (We do check)
  • Be an active and social PC gamer
  • Use Teamspeak and have good quality mic or headset (Push-to-talk Required)
  • Do Not apply if you only want to wear our clan tag
  • Do Not apply to join us if you want Rcon (Admin) rights for the servers
  • Do Not apply if you are currently a member of another clan, or intend on joining another clan
  • Do Not apply if you have been banned by any anti-cheat service, we DO check.

How To Apply:

Make sure you have read and understood all requirements, then simply fill out the application form on the right of this page, provide URL's (Links) to 'All' your Steam, Twitch and YouTube accounts, making sure that all your Steam accounts are set to Public and not Private, then click Submit Application. That's it.

What Happens Next:

Your application will be thoroughly checked by our dedicated Admin Team, (normally completed within 24 hours). You will then receive a message from an Admin or Owner, telling you the outcome of your application.
If accepted your trial will begin immediately, most trials take 2-4 weeks, but sometimes longer. This depends on how active you are and how quickly you get to know other members. If you are unable to play, join Teamspeak or generally not be around for more than 5 days, please post a quick message on the front page of the website, or in the AWOL (Absent Without Leave) thread in the forum, just so we know and don't think you have just left or ain't making any effort to get to know us. 

During your recruitment trial period you are expected to:

  • Wear our [GGr] clan tag during this recruitment period: i.e. on TeamSpeak, In-Game, Steam.. etc...
  • If you connect to one of the GlobalGaming servers, you must also connect to our TeamSpeak server
  • Finally, get to know other members, whether through TeamSpeak, the website, or in-game

Final note:

Above all, just be yourself and you'll do fine, we're a friendly bunch :)
If you have any questions, please feel free to message me "[GG] Euphoria" or any of my admin team, there's always someone around.
Welcome and good luck.

[GG] Euphoria

P.S... We Are Not Silly:

We do background checks on all recruit applications. So if you've ever been banned by Punkbuster, VAC, BattlEye, Game-bans, Global Bans or any other anti-cheat service, DO NOT BOTHER APPLYING. We do check current and old accounts for violations.
If you have a violation and you apply to join us, expect your violation to be publicly posted on our forum.

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